Kerwin Court provides neuropsychological rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injury, and recognises the importance of including family and friends in this process. We encourage communication with any family members and friends who would like more information as we are here to support you, provide information and advise about the common affects of brain injury.

If possible, and with the agreement of the injured relative, we also encourage family members to become involved in aspects of their relative's rehabilitation programme. We can do this in a number of ways, and welcome new ideas about other ways to work together. However, we also understand that it may not always be possible to be at Kerwin Court, so it could be possible to be involved from a distance (e.g. over the telephone, or indirectly taking part by learning about brain injury).

Working with families or friends is important to us for several reasons including:

  • We can find out more about your relative from you which helps us understand them better.
  • We also understand that because you know them so well you are often able to motivate your relative or persuade them to participate fully in their rehabilitation.
  • We can talk with you about how the injury might have affected your relative, and think about how this can influence relationships, skills or behaviour.
  • We can help by answering your questions about the nature and consequences of brain injury generally.
  • We get feedback from you on the rehabilitation programme and how it is working.
  • We can facilitate meetings with other relatives in a similar position, which some people find helpful.

Service user from Kerwin Court shopping in the local community

How you can be involved

There are different ways to be involved, depending on your questions, so please do speak to your relative and their Keyworker about what would work best for you. It is important that we consult with your relative to obtain their consent to share information about their injury or rehabilitation.

Some contact that family and friends have found helpful previously are:

  • Regular telephone, email or face-to-face conversations with the Keyworker
  • Attending rehabilitation review meetings
  • Attending individual rehabilitation therapy sessions where appropriate
  • Spending time on the unit outside of therapy sessions

Other Resources

Various resources have been recommended to us by other relatives, friends and service users, which we list below. These are listed in no particular order, and we are not necessarily endorsing the contents but you may find some of them useful

We produce a range of leaflets which you can download.

Other educational websites:

Useful books