Jay, now 39 years old, sustained a traumatic brain injury when he accidentally fell downstairs. After discharge from hospital, Jay was placed in a nursing home for approximately six to nine months. Even though Jay was offered physiotherapy, he remained bedridden due to his lack of engagement and would often become verbally aggressive towards staff. He needed a hoist to get in and out of bed and physical assistance for his personal care and whilst eating.

Jay then spent time at Goole Neuro Rehabilitation Centre and Daniel Yorath House where, using the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's (BIRT) neurobehavioural approach, staff supported him to function more independently. Jay’s physical ability improved, including participation in walking, he began to eat independently and his memory capabilities increased.

Jay’s goals were to become more independent in his personal routine, and increase participation in his rehabilitation programme, reducing aggression and social isolation. Due to his longer term rehabilitation needs, Jay transferred to Osman House, Leeds, where he has progressed significantly. The team have worked with Jay in a constructive and rewarding way, with encouragement and motivation, and his aggressive behaviour has reduced significantly.

service user at Osman hOuse

Jay now participates in the majority of his rehabilitation programme including social integration groups, daily walking practice and weekly hydrotherapy and gym sessions), memory activities, and everyday skills (self-catering, money management/budgeting and cleaning). Jay’s physical, cognitive, social and everyday skills have dramatically improved, which have benefited his life in a number of ways. He now only requires one member of staff to assist in his personal care promoting independence; his reduction in verbal aggression means he is able to appropriately engage with others and families activities in the community.

Jay’s attitude to his rehabilitation programme and the progress he has made in his everyday skills has enabled him to plan for the future and hopefully achieve his ‘bigger goal’ to return home to his wife and children, a goal that at one time seemed unattainable.

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