Find out how we support people at Redford Court to live independent lives.

Sarah's story

At 19 Sarah suffered a diffuse axonal injury from a road traffic accident which left her with a range of neuropsychological and physical problems that required 24 hour care. Before entering the BIRT continuum at the assessment service at Fen House, Sarah resided in 11 different placements. After a period of rehabilitation Sarah moved into an independent living flat within the grounds of Redford Court, and has now moved into supported community house and enjoys a more independent lifestyle. Read Sarah's story.

Carol's story

After developing encephalitis Carol was admitted to Redford Court where it was recognised that she had significant difficulty in assessing risk, orientation to time and place and had an inability to manage complex tasks of daily living.

Carol benefitted from the range of rehabilitative therapies that were offered to her and is now completing her recovery at home where she is looking forward to a graded return to work and spending time with her grandchildren. Read Carol's story.

Redford Court specialises in the rehabilitation of people with an acquired brain injury and complex needs including physical, cognitive, behavioural and/or emotional difficulties, including physical or verbal aggression, impaired social functioning and disinhibited behaviour.

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