My world was turned upside down.

This is how Carol describes her life following encephalitis. The onset of Carol’s brain injury started whilst she was at work. She thought she had a virus but it soon became apparent she had developed encephalitis and was admitted to a Liverpool hospital on an acute ward where she remained for weeks.

Carol was admitted to Redford Court. On assessment it was recognised that she had significant difficulty in assessing risk, orientation to time and place and an inability to manage complex tasks of daily living.

Over a period of 24 weeks, Carol made a remarkable recovery through intensive therapeutic interventions. With the application of psychological support, occupational therapy and graded home leave, Carol and her family were supported to understand and adapt to the impact of her acquired brain injury. Carol benefitted from the fact that Redford Court offers a range of rehabilitative therapies including neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy and vocational support and guidance.

service user Carol standing in the lounge at Redford Court

Carol had a structured weekly planner which involved therapeutic activities with a focus for her to return to her pre morbid functioning. Engagement with her employer and Occupational Health doctors supported a planned and phased return to work.

Carol’s self awareness of her difficulties that resulted from the brain injury was a significant barrier to her successful rehabilitation. The clinical team at Redford Court engaged Carol in a number of activities of daily living to highlight her shortcomings, recognise risks and to use appropriate compensatory strategies. Carol’s family benefitted from the support Redford Court is able to offer through face to face meetings and family education seminars.

Carol is now completing her recovery at home and is looking forward to a graded return to work in the New Year and is enjoying spending time with her grandchildren.

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