"Redford Court has been a lifesaver for our Andrew, as without this vital resource we would have all been lost, living a life of misery and upset, lacking understanding and much needed specialist support."

These are the words of Andrew’s brother who wrote recently to thank the team at Redford Court for the support they are giving his brother. Located in Liverpool, Redford Court, is a specialist neurobehavioural rehabilitation centres for people with acquired brain injury and forms part of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT).

Andrew was admitted to Redford Court in March 2010 after suffering a traumatic brain injury as a result of a hit and run traffic incident. Andrew's brother takes up the story: "The severe effects of that incident seemed irreversible however to all our surprise, Redford Court and the range of specialist brain injury expertise, information, advice, guidance and above all caring nature of all involved made what seemed impossible, possible. In fact dreams can come true it seems, as Andrew, once bound to a darkened, silent room with limited mobility and access to real life experiences, suffering tremendous amounts of pain, anxiety and fatigue is now quite the opposite.

Andrew from Redford Court

"It has taken the dedication from a 24/7 team of caring experts across the Redford Court facility in Liverpool to bring Andrew back to life and enable him to achieve these amazing goals, which we could never had envisaged. We really are truly indebted to all these marvelous people that have entered into our lives.

"They have made believers out of all of us as to the amazing achievements that can reverse or at least lessen the negative impacts of some of the awful outcomes brain injury can manifest, lead to and create. Life is so much better now, Andrew is in a better place and space, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

"We cannot thank Redford Court and all the expert teams and beautiful, kind, caring, compassionate and most wonderful, awesome staff enough, for their ongoing support. Equally important, we felt integrated into, and part of, a most interesting culture and approach to the progressive processes attached to Andrew's rehabilitation.It has been a real learning experience for us all. Redford Court has enabled Andrew and us to become informed, proactive, key players to developing, regaining, and finding Andrew's lost life; rediscovering independence and bringing back faith and hope to us all.

"It really is a most important and valuable facility and brain injury rehabilitation resource, with the care and expertise to meet such a diverse range of complex needs. We love the people and care of Redford Court and support everything that they achieve and aim to deliver for all us.

"Happy 20th Anniversary Redford Court, you deserve the world!"

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