Stuart Wilkin, Occupational Therapist at Redford Court, was recently invited by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists to present at an event called ‘Shaping the future for occupational therapists: Technology Enabled Care’ in London. Notable participants at the event included Julia Scott (Chief Executive of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists) and Paul Burstow (the former Minister of State for Care Services).

The purpose of the event was to highlight how technology is being used within the health and social care sectors, and how the role that Occupational Therapists can play in the successful provision of technology. The event included Occupational Therapists from around the country from range of backgrounds, as well as technology service providers.


Stuart's presentation focused on how technology is used in practice within both Redford Court and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, as a whole; how the Trust is using apps, mobile phones, and wearable memory prompting devices. The feedback from the event was very positive with several delegates asking me more about the specifics of what we offer at Redford Court.

Stuart said of the event: "The takeaway message from the event was that there are lots of excellent technologies that currently exist and are being continually developed (particularly around the promotion of independent living in the community), and I would like to see the Trust incorporate more of them into our everyday practice in order to maximize independence and quality of life for our service users."

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