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Staff at Redford Court, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) centre in Liverpool, welcomed Luciana Berger, Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree on Friday 28th October.

Redford Court provides specialist neurorehabilitation to help people regain lost skills following a brain injury. The complex effects of brain injury can include physical changes, memory loss and emotional and behavioural problems, as well as impacting on family life. Rehabilitation at Redford Court aims to enable people with brain injury to participate in as many of their previous roles as possible.

Service User and Family Liaison Officer Michael Boardman, who led Luciana Berger’s tour of the centre, said: “Sadly, people with brain injuries often don’t get to attend social events such as weddings that most people take for granted. We hold an annual ball so people living here have an opportunity to dress up in their finery and dance the night away!”

Michael spoke about Redford Court’s work with the homeless community in Liverpool. Research by the Trust has found that up to half of people who are homeless may have a history of traumatic brain injury. The charity’s research in prisons has found a similar prevalence rate, and rates of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are far higher in prisoners with a history of brain injury.

Speaking afterwards, Luciana Berger said it had been a “wonderful, informative visit”, and she offered to raise the issue of the high prevalence of acquired brain injury in the prison system with Government ministers on the Trust’s behalf.

Director of BIRT Ann Buckler said: “We were delighted to welcome Luciana Berger to Redford Court to discuss our work here in Liverpool, and our national research into brain injury. We look forward to working closely with her in the future and we hope that her parliamentary questions lead to better outcomes for people with acquired brain injury.”

Pictured are Dr Ivan Pitman, Clinical Neuropsychologist at Redford Court, Ann Buckler, Director of BIRT, Luciana Berger MP, Michael Boardman, Redford Court's Service User and Family Liaison Officer, and Barry Price, Redford Court’s Service Manager.

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