Following on from the very successful #GetCrafty Twitter competition, which was part of our #SeeMeNotDisability campaign, we are revisiting the people that took part with the original photos that they kindly submitted and an update on how are they are, including some new photos of their artwork. All the photos are of the people that we support here at The Disabilities Trust, along with an artwork they have created. We'll start with some amazing art from Redford Court.

Andrew (below) is a massive Thunderbirds fan and has been since he was a kid. When asked why he liked them his face lit up: "I've always loved them from when I was little!" As a child he used to think they was real people and loved there missions so much that one day he wanted to join them on a mission. (the Thunderbird 6 is actually the first model he completed.)

He also enjoys colouring, especially in his "Calming Colouring" book. Andrew suffers with anxiety and this helps him a lot when he is feeling anxious. Art is a mix of his passion and a tool to help him relax and try to over come any anxiety he has and although sometimes it does not help it is still a learning tool.

Sarah (below) enjoys doing tapestry and has been doing this for a long time; she enjoys it as she finds it helps her to relax and clear her mind. If she is feeling upset, feed up or frustrated this is a tool she likes to use to help her deal with her emotions.

Sarah said she tried knitting but was unable to follow the patterns and it didn’t help her relax but since she has been doing tapestry it is helping her feel calm and relaxed. She hasn't kept much of her tapestry as she likes to give it away or take to her mum but the two pictures are of one that she started during the initial campaign and now proudly shows her work actually in progress.

Andrew C (below) is multi-talented. He painted the amazing picture of the robin from a statue his mum got him for Christmas. When asked about his art he said that he enjoys learning to develop his art that and is especially how to paint the sea and the sky.

He also loves playing the guitar; Andrew is a very active member of the Redford Court music group and also plays the bongos as well. Andrew's story is so inspirational: before he came to Redford Court he could not even tolerate noise now he's playing guitar and bongos in the music group!

Andrew painted the neuron (third photo) as a result of learning about the brain and attending the brain injury awareness group at Redford Court which he really enjoyed. Andrew loves art as everyone has a different take on the same thing; it helps distracts him from any aches or pain he has and by continuing to do different types of art and craft he can see how much he is improving.

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