On Monday 26th February Councillor Richard Kemp CBE visited our specialist neurobehavioural centre Redford Court in Liverpool as part of his role as Local Government Association spokesperson for Health and Social Care in the area.

Councillor Richard admits he knew little about brain injury before visiting the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) service, and had the same assumptions that are commonly made by people who have not experienced, or known anyone to experience, a brain injury. The visit opened his eyes to the many different causes and effects of brain injury. He was introduced to roles within the health and social care sector that he didn't know existed, such as Clinical Neuropsychologist.

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Councillor Richard met Redford Court service users such as Andrew. Andrew is midway through his rehabilitation process after having a serious accident and the aim is for him to regain as much independence as possible. He also met staff members at the centre and was impressed by the way it functioned like 'a big family'. He was delighted to see how service users' families are involved in the rehabilitation process, with some even able to reconnect with family members now they are getting the support they need.

He said: 'I learnt a lot about what they do and what causes brain injuries and I saw, at first hand, a great set of people doing great things.' He enjoys days like this in which he can go out and meet the people behind the pounds and statistics that he looks at regularly.

He has now offered to help BIRT with one of our important missions; to develop people's understanding of brain injury and how to cope with it. Read Councillor Richard's blog article about his visit and why he has pledged to spread the word about BIRT.

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