Find out how the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) help people with acquired brain injury (ABI) at our specialist residential rehabilitation centre, The Woodmill, to regain their independence.

  • Kerry: Kerry was admitted to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, after suffering a brain haemorrhage and, following a turbulent 24 hours, doctors performed neurosurgery to stabilise her aneurysms. She then moved to The Woodmill to begin her specialist brain injury rehabilitation. Read Kerry's story.
  • Matt: From suffering a brain injury following a heart attack to working at Michael Caines 'Abode' fine dining restaurant in Exeter, Matt's road to recovery which started at The Woodmill, has been one of remarkable success. Matt worked closely with the clinical team on an extensive rehabilitation programme that allowed him to adhere to his strong list of goals, which included returning home to his girlfriend and resuming his career as a chef. Read Matt's story.
  • Amanda: Louis Theroux's BBC2 documentary 'A Different Brain' featured moving stories about the effects of brain injury. Amanda was admitted to the Woodmill after sustaining a severe brain injury from falling off a galloping horse. She was in a coma for around three weeks and after being discharged from hospital it was noticeable that her situation at home was becoming increasingly difficult and that Amanda was unable to engage in family life. It was then that she was admitted to The Woodmill for rehabilitation and started her long road to recovery. Read Amanda's story.