service users from the woodmill enjoying spinning plates

During Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) centre The Woodmill used the ‘Show Your Brain Some Love’ awareness campaign to guide their daily themes for the week. The staff were keen to make the week exciting and different, so on the ‘learning’ themed day they arranged for Ozzy the Clown to come and teach service users circus skills.

Ozzy specialises in teaching circus skills to adults and children with emotional and physical disabilities and created a bespoke course for the service users at The Woodmill, in particular those with mobility issues. Plate spinning, juggling and feather balancing were all part of the fun, whilst also working on balance, co-ordination and reactions.

The service users enjoyed learning new skills and tried things they didn’t think possible at first, some even managed to spin two plates at once, juggle three balls and balance a feather on their nose. There was something for everyone to try!

Kate Smedley, Assistant Physiotherapist, said “The room was full of laughter, and feedback from all of the people we support was all very positive.”

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