In 2013 Eddie suffered a brain aneurysm whilst working as a senior manager for a furniture company. His brain injury left him with Aphasia, a condition that affects a person’s ability to communicate, and he needed intensive speech and language therapy.

After spending four months in hospital for surgery and rehabilitation, he was discharged home and planned to return to work one day a week. Unfortunately with the loss of his driving license and some persisting speech difficulties Eddie felt unable to continue at his previous employment. Instead, he concentrated on his personal life, plucking up courage to propose to his girlfriend Jules and getting married in September. He even managed to say all his wedding vows, a big achievement given his aphasia.

However, he continued to be frustrated at being unemployed. Determined to get back to work and “to give something back”, he made contact with PLUSS– a social enterprise which supports people with disabilities and other disadvantages back into employment.

With their help Eddie applied for a position as an Enabler at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's service The Woodmill. This role focuses on engaging with service users during their activity sessions and Eddie felt he would be well placed to take on this role as he understood how they might need to be assisted, having been in the same position himself. PLUSS supported him through the interview process and Eddie was delighted when Emma Clark, the Manager at Woodmill, told him he had been successful.

Eddie started at The Woodmill in December and is enjoying it immensely: “It’s so great to be working again, it’s my chance to help other people like me, and the staffs at Woodmill are fantastic!”