In 1988 Jonathan was admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury (ABI) after being involved in a road traffic accident. He spent five months in hospital with severe cognitive and behavioural problems, short term memory, difficulty with his speech and sensory impairment. Jonathan was also paralysed along his right side requiring the aid and support of a wheelchair. He was eventually discharged, moving to live at home with support from his mother in Somerset.

After the death of his mother in 2013, Johnathan’s heath was in decline which contributed to him being hospitalised twice. It was agreed that Jonathan needed to be in the best place to suit his needs and following an assessment Jonathan moved to Thomas Edward Mitton House (TEM). After monitoring and assessing Jonathan, the clinical team at TEM House produced a personalised plan for him. This covered a range of rehabilitation and support including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology and community access.

Jonathan had regular sessions with the clinical psychologist at TEM, receiving emotional support and coping strategies in relation to his bereavement. This was part of his rehabilitation plan which also included intensive physiotherapy five days a week, building his muscle strength, stability and stamina to the point where he moved on to a frame and is now using a forward walker for support.

TEM House service user Jonathon smiling at the camera

Being at TEM House and Browns Wood has made a big difference to me, and being near family is good so I get to see my brother and spend time with him.

Goals were set up relating to his personal care and his desire to lose weight. The occupational therapists formulated guidelines to plan his morning routines, with support from the rehabilitation support workers. Jonathan can now address all aspects of his personal care. He attended the TEM House Healthy Living and Lifestyle Group and focussed on his diet being healthier when planning his meals and improving his skills in the kitchen.

Jonathan has now moved to Browns wood, TEM House’s transitional living service in Milton Keynes that has support staff on site 24 hours a day but also gives service users their independence to cater and look after themselves. Jonathan continues to get the help and rehabilitation support that he needs but in a much more independent setting.

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