Find out how the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) enables people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) to become more independent.

  • Ashley: After sustaining a brain injury from being involved in a serious car accident, Ashley was initially admitted to West Heath House for a period of assessment and rehabilitation. He was then moved to the Transitional Living Unit in Redhill Road. Ready Ashley's story.
  • James: James was admitted to West Heath House due to suffering serious behavioral changes following a hypoxic brain injury. The clinical team at West Heath House designed a structured rehabilitation programme to support James to become more independent. Read James story.
  • Chris: Chris sustained a traumatic injury from falling down a flight of stairs and was admitted to West Heath House after being on an acute hospital ward for four months. Through intense rehabilitation Chris's aggression and limited awareness of his surroundings was managed so he no longer needs his psychoactive medication and required just one member of support staff when engaging with the community. Read Chris' story.