Patricia was 26 when she suffered a brain injury that was caused during an operation on her heart. Her brain was starved of oxygen. Patricia has been diabetic from the age of 15, and also has a visual impairment and previous brain damage.

Patricia, or Trish as she is known, came to York House. Originally from Harrogate, she lived with foster parents until the age of 18, when she moved into her own flat. Due to the nature of her brain injury, when Trish arrived at York House she was often frustrated.

Since following the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's (BIRT) neurobehavioral model, which included goal setting and incentive programmes, she has learned to effectively monitor her diet and also attended a college course to learn Braille. It is her goal to live independently in the community and she is currently working towards this.

York House Service user Patricia posing with goggles that show visual impairment

With the help and support of staff at York House, Patricia has created a project called 'Welcome to My World'. She has made a pair of goggles that when worn simulate the experience of being partially sighted.

Patricia takes staff around the grounds of York House so that they can understand the challenges of living with partial sight. She has also taught Braille to some staff and service users.

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