Outcome report 2017

BIRT is one of the few specialist brain injury rehabilitation providers to publish its outcome data. The data reported in our Outcome Report 2017 reflects the outcomes achieved by service users admitted or discharged from BIRT in 2017. Our hope is that commissioners, referrers, families and other stakeholders will use this information when choosing a provider and in benchmarking for excellence in brain injury rehabilitation.

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust provides a continuum of care for people with acquired brain injury. Through our range of specialist services, we aim to support people to function more independently in the wider community and to develop their lives in the ways they choose.

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View the BIRT Outcome Report 2017

In our Outcome Report you can find out how our service users changed between admission and discharge in their:

  • supervision needs
  • accommodation needs
  • occupational and recreational activity
  • social engagement.

After care and treatment with BIRT most individuals are discharged into the community, or to an environment with less support.

Case studies

With a full contiuum of services to meet the need of individuals at any stage and requirement, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) is the leading charity providing brain injury rehabilitation across the UK.

We invite you to meet some of the people who have benefited from brain injury rehabilitation with us and to see how BIRT could support you, your client / patient or your family.

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