We are proud to share our campaign, ‘Through OUR eyes’.

We want to give everyone, whether they are the people we support or have supported, a family member, a colleague, a practitioner or a supporter, the chance to tell their own stories and change the narrative for people with complex and challenging disabilities.

‘Through our eyes’ will present a series of focused topics, across our services areas, from domestic abuse and brain injury to the growing debate around sports concussions.

Disabled people are at the heart of everything we do. We work in partnership with those we support, their families and friends, local authorities, health authorities, housing associations and other organisations.

Our overall aim is to raise awareness, spark conversation and give people a chance to tell their stories – whether this is about the impact of the pandemic if you are living with autism or the lack of support to reintegrate in the workplace after a brain injury; we want to hear all perspectives. We need you to get involved on your social media using the hashtags #ThroughOUReyes #TheDisabilitiesTrust.

As well as sharing stories, we will also be revealing hard-hitting new research and provide new tools to help make a difference, such as a new Brain Injury guide to living coming later this year.

What can I do?

Join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, share our posts - use the hashtags#ThroughOUReyes #TheDisabilitiesTrust.

Reach out to us with your stories – we’d love to hear of your own experiences and give you a platform to share them, please contact us at csscommunications@thedtgroup.org

Donate today – Your donation to The Disabilities Trust will help the people we support to live their lives as fully and with as much independence as possible.