Working together, The Disabilities Trust and Healthwatch West Sussex have created a new tool to support healthcare professionals.

The Consent to Treatment for Best Interest Decision Making Toolkit, can be used to record and evidence how you, as a healthcare professional have worked in the best interest of your patient. It is there to support you to get the best outcome for your patient, whilst protecting yourself against challenges down the line.

Healthwatch West Sussex

Decision-making around treatment should be a shared process between the Healthcare Professional and the patient but this cannot be the case when someone lacks capacity to make a decision around their treatment.

This toolkit contains a capacity assessment which can be adapted to the individual's communication needs. The capacity assessment tool can determine if the individual has understood the required treatment, risks of treatment, possible outcomes of treatment required and the understanding and ability to retain this information.

The toolkit supports the best interest process once it has been determined that a person lacks capacity and enables the decision maker and others who are involved to document the decision.

Read the full accompanying document to the toolkit here.

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