For more information about the work of The Disabilities Trust please contact us at one of the addresses below.

The Disabilities Trust Central Support Services, including:

  • Autism Spectrum Partners
  • Disability Lifestyles
  • The Disabilities Trust Foundation

32 Market Place, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9NP
Tel: 01444 239123 | Fax: 01444 244978 | Email:

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)

3 Westgate Court, Silkwood Park, Wakefield WF5 9TJ
Tel: 01924 266344 | Fax: 01924 269380 | Email:

Directions to Westgate Court.

The Disabilities Trust's Whistleblowing Line has been set up to ensure that if anybody has any concerns about individuals supported by the Trust, they can report them confidentially and they will be investigated. The line is monitored by members of the Quality Assurance team 24hours a day.

Whistleblowing is Safer than Silence - call 01444 258599.

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