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We are thrilled to announce that Daniel Yorath House has been awarded a £10,000 grant to fund music therapy sessions at the service thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund and National Lottery players.

Music therapy is hugely beneficial to service users with acquired brain injury. It has a positive impact on individuals’ engagement with their rehabilitation, can help people’s communication including their voice, and can help people build up motor skills. Individual sessions help people towards their personal rehabilitation goals, while group sessions are a great way to socialise and share in the joy of music together.

Donna O’Reilly, Assistant Manager at Daniel Yorath House, said “We have seen a big transformation in the communication skills and personal demeanour of some of our service users with severe brain injuries. It has been humbling to see the joy and tears of happiness when a person with limited communication skills can sing a song, in some cases that they have written, expressing how they feel. Truly life changing."

Luke Wilson is a Nordoff Robbins music therapist who runs both individual and group sessions at Daniel Yorath House. He explains “Beneficiaries with severe impairments due to brain injury might struggle to communicate very much at all, but through closely focussing on what sounds they are able to make, be it singing or through instruments, amazing things can happen. People’s sounds can become more intentional, and someone who is normally withdrawn and non-communicative can become suddenly engaged and fully present, expressing themselves through music.” To find out more about music therapy and how it helps individuals at Daniel Yorath House, read our Q&A with Luke or read Alicja*’s story.

Everyone at Daniel Yorath House would like to say a huge thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund and to National Lottery players for making this happen.