The ‘Brain Injury Linkworker Service Report - 2016 edition’ by The Disabilities Trust Foundation is a summary of the Foundation’s work in providing specialist brain injury support in three locations, HMP Leeds, HMYOI Wetherby and HMYOI Hindley.

The report includes key elements, achievements and outcomes from our research and service delivery:

  • Research carried out by The Disabilities Trust Foundation shows nearly half of offenders and those at risk of homelessness have a history of traumatic brain injury
  • The Foundation has developed the Brain Injury Screening Index (BISI ®) to identify people with a history of brain injury
  • The Foundation’s Linkworker service has supported over 170 people within HMP Leeds, HMYOI Wetherby and HMYOI Hindley
  • Through personalised one-to-one work and creating a network of support the Linkworker is able to contribute to the increased health and well-being of service users
  • Brain injury training developed and delivered to over 1000 professionals

A PDF copy of the Linkworker service report is available. Please note that our website has ‘Screen Reader’ and can be used by clicking the top right tab on any of our web pages.