Kerwin Court presents

Reviewing the neurobehavioural approach to rehabilitation...

"If at first you don’t succeed…”: Why neurobehavioural approaches can help with brain injury rehabilitation when neurorehabilitation can’t

Free webinar

Wednesday 25th November 10.00 – 11.30am

Dr Jane Vinnicombe, Dr Sara da Silva Ramos and Dr Mike Oddy, will discuss reviewing the Trust's history and model of neurobehavioural rehabilitation. Who is the model for? Why use neurobehavioural approaches? How does neurobehavioural rehabilitation work and why is it different to neurorehabilitation? We will also share with you our hopes, plans and aspirations for the 2020’s; and benefits, challenges, threats and misconceptions of neurobehavioural rehabilitation.

The webinar will equip potential referrers to understand the role and benefits of neurobehavioural rehabilitation - who it can help and who to refer. It will encourage clinicians not to give up on rehab. for those people who struggle to engage in standard neurorehabilitation approaches.

Join us for free at 10am BST on 25th November.

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