Joss Gaynor

Head of Foundation
Joss brings a wealth of experience within the substance use field in both front line treatment settings and within policy and project management functions. She has led on the development and implementation of national good practice projects influencing both local and national structures to improve the support available for vulnerable groups.

Elizabeth Wilce

Specialist Project Manager, Social Exclusion
Liz has been with the Trust for 18 years working in our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust and community-based services and more recently with our Social Exclusion team. Liz managed The Trust's Linkworker service within a number of adult male prisons and headed up the pilot project at HMP Drake Hall, which was the first study of its kind in the UK.

Dr Ivan Pitman

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist
Ivan is the Clinical Lead and Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at Redford Courtin Liverpool and to the BIRT Community Services within the North West. Ivan previously worked extensively within forensic services providing identification, assessment and rehabilitation for offenders with acquired brain injuries. Dr Pitman was also the Head of Service within the North West and the Senior Clinical Tutor within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Liverpool and is now involved with The Disabilities Trust's Foundation in an investigation of the prevalence and impact of Traumatic Brain Injury among offenders.

Dr Sara da Silva Ramos

Research Fellow
Sara provides her expertise in research design and practice to the Foundation. She has been instrumental in preparing the Foundation's brain injury research for publication in peer reviewed journals. Sara is a Chartered Psychologist who started her career in Portugal before moving to England where she completed a Masters in Cognitive Neuropsychology and a PhD investigating the relationship between language and cognition.

Harriet Paul

Foundation Support Coordinator
Harriet originally joined The Trust in 2017, as a Research Assistant for the revision of the BIRT Information and Process Mattery (BMIPB). She has since worked for the Foundation as its Foundation Support Officer and now its Coordinator.

Sarah Turner

Project Scoping Manager
Sarah joined the Trust in 2017, working as an Assistant Psychologist at Hollyrood (one of our complex autism services). She has been working with the Foundation since 2018, as our Project Scoping Manager, researching and designing new projects that meet areas of need that are not necessarily fulfilled by our operational services and utilise The Trust's expertise. Sarah has extensive experience working in frontline services, across a range of client groups from inpatient mental health units to running youth and community centres.