We need to understand where there are gaps in provision and prove that any intervention we put in place is having an impact.

The Foundation is investing Trust expertise in groundbreaking research studies to identify previously unrecognised areas of need. It is also undertaking research and evaluation into existing and new service initiatives. We are looking to continually develop services to meet the growing and ever changing needs of our service users.

Silent epidemic of acquired brain injury

At any one time, at least 100,000 people in the UK are living with long term disabilities as a result of acquired brain injury. Many of these 'hidden' impairments, for example, poor memory, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour or impaired communication skills can lead to problems sustaining a job or managing family life, if unrecognised or unsupported. In the worst cases this can lead to social exclusion.

We are keen to gain peer support in all the research we conduct. We have developed a strong network of experts, seek to attain peer review in all large research studies we undertake and publish in academic journals wherever possible.

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