Angela Ord is aiming to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) on the18th February 2017. Angela has been heavily affected by brain injuries in her life , which is why the cause is so close to her heart. Her father tragically passed away after suffering a bleed on the brain when she was eight years old, and then when Angela was 33 she too suffered from a bleed on the brain.


Angela said “It was a pretty scary and rough time for my family and I. Especially the fear of the unknown and what the future holds for us”.

Tests showed that the bleed on the brain wasn't hereditary but was unfortunately more of a coincidence. Angela made a full recovery and was inspired to train for her dream job as a paramedic and gained a degree in Paramedic Science, which Angela been doing the job for the last nine years.

Angela decided that she would like to do more for people suffering with a brain injury and has so decided to help raise awareness and money for BIRT and by completing a personal challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro.

Please help and support Angela with her challenge and visit her JustGiving page.

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