On 24th June David Briggs completed the major challenge of cycling Coast to Coast across the north of Britain in memory of Huw Thatcher. Dave completed the 150 miles from Whitehaven to Whitby, along with many hills in just over 10 hours which is a tremendous feat even for a seasoned cyclist like Dave.

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Dave was keen to make a difference for people with brain injury, and in particular to remember Huw who was well known to his wider family and a good friend of his nephew Sam. Dave was delighted to take up one of the hardest single day road bike challenges in the UK in memory of a wonderful young guy, Huw Thatcher and a cause that he feels doesn't always get the attention it deserves.

Dave says "Having come back to cycling 12 months ago, the Coast To Coast was a big challenge that enabled me to attract sponsorship. I wanted the sponsorship to support something that makes a difference to people's lives. The Huw Thatcher Trust does this and through the work of Nick and others is a fitting tribute to the memory of Huw."

Congratulations Dave on a great achievement and thank you for your fantastic support.

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