On Wednesday 8th June six volunteers from Lloyds Banking Group visited Tŷ Aberdafen to take on a gardening project at the service. The volunteers wanted to get involved as part of Volunteer Week which took place between 1-12 June 2016.


The team started with a guided tour of the centre by Manager Dilwyn Jones. Dilwyn said “I thought it was important to show the volunteers what we do at Tŷ Aberdafen and how their time and commitment will benefit the service users. They worked really hard and made a huge difference to the front gardens of the building. It was a real pleasure to have them all here”.

The team spent the day working on tidying up the flower beds, weeding and cutting the lawn. They also donated gardening equipment to the service for future gardening projects.

One volunteer said ‘’Dilwyn’s guided tour of Tŷ Aberdafen and illuminating insight into the work of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) and The Disabilities Trust compelled us to put lots of effort into our tidying-up exercise. This building really felt like a ‘home’ rather than a ‘facility’ and I felt really proud that our little team could play a small part in helping Dilwyn and his colleagues enrich the lives of those who live there.’’

Working with us opens up a huge range of opportunities and benefits to both your organisation and ours. A number of corporates prefer to donate time to charities these days and where we can accommodate we enjoy having teams come in to rejuvenate our services gardens and communal areas

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