We are delighted to be opening our new ConnectAbility Hub in October 2017, at Shinewater Court in Eastbourne, Sussex. This new centre will be free for disabled people to visit and builds on the success of our ConnectAbility fundraising appeal.

Service User Hannah playing with the Soundbeamz at the ConnectAbility Hub

The ConnectAbility Hub will showcase a selection of assistive and communications technology for people with a disability to trial on a six week basis, allowing them to assess whether it's suitable for their needs.

Many of the people we support have had their lives transformed through using assistive technology, such as eye trackers, iPads and voice amplification systems. They are now able to live more independently and communicate more effectively.

Sarah, a service user from Shinewater Court explains: "I love my iPad, I couldn't manage without it. It's my major means of communication. It enables me to be far more independent than i would be if i didn't have it.. which makes me feel more like everyone else. That's a good feeling."

The ConnectAbility Hub is a free service which is open to anyone with a disability and professionals on a referral basis. Book a session by completing our simple online web form.

Assistive technology can help disabled people become more independent through innovative solutions. Examples include eye gaze computer programs, which allows people to control a computer with their eyes alone. The 'Doo-zy switch kit’ even operates items remotely using light and vibrations. View the full list of assistive technology available at the new Shinewater ConnectAbility Hub.

"It's life changing for so many people." Anita Cobb, Service Manager at Shinewater Court, said, "We take every day verbal communication as a given, some of the people that come here find it so difficult and yet through this technology they're now able to join in conversations!"

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