Leigh Sanders has been putting in a gruelling effort to fundraise and raise awareness for The Disabilities Trust. Along with 7 other runners who are all showing incredible determination, Leigh has had a turbulent few months filled with highs and lows.

He hit a new PB over the weekend at the Sheffield Half Marathon which he says has put him in great spirits for the London Marathon. He is also doing a fundraiser at his fitness club this week where he intends to go/walk the distance of the marathon on a treadmill in reception.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, just last month Leigh took on his biggest challenge, a 17-mile run in miserable conditions and he choose the hilliest route. But he overcame it and knows that it will all be worth it when he crosses that finish line in 12 days. Leigh said:

So many people have already generously donated and sent kind words of support... Thank you to all of you!

leigh 3.JPG

Fundraising Manager Hayley Wicker-Bradbury also commented: “We cannot thank Leigh and the other Marathon runners enough. They have trained in terrible weather, over Christmas and recently over Easter, all while family and friends are enjoying themselves. On top of that, they are pushing themselves on Fundraising and raising awareness for the Trust. This means so much to the Trust and the men and women we support. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for their effort or to show how proud I am of them all.

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