Our appeals are either targeted at raising money for specific items or, in the case of Eyes Alight, giving our service users something to enjoy or look forward to during their rehabilitation.

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We launched the #ConnectAbility appeal to raise £250,000 to buy assistive communications technology, which enhances the lives of the people we support, enabling them to live more independent lives and maximise their ability to make choices and communicate with others.

Progressively, during the course of the appeal, many of the people we support at The Disabilities Trust have had their lives transformed thanks to equipment such as iPads and eye gaze technology. Our first fixed ‘Hub’ was opened in October 2017 at Shinewater Court in Eastbourne and was designed to be used by the service users and those in the local community, to try out assistive technology in a safe and supportive environment, for free.

Since we launched the appeal, Assistive Technology has evolved rapidly. It is important we now refresh our ConnectAbility model to ensure our strategy gets the right technology into the hands of those who need it most. We are extremely grateful to everybody who supported our fundraising and we will now take forward the ConnectAbility project to provide access to life changing assistive technology for those who access our services, and in the future the wider community.

Click here to visit the ConnectAbility Hub page.

Eyes Alight

The Eyes Alight appeal raises money for men and women with brain injuries who use the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust's (BIRT) services and community houses. The money raised will give those undergoing brain injury rehabilitation something to enjoy or look forward to as they go through the daunting and difficult process of brain injury rehabilitation.

The Huw Thatcher Trust

The Huw Thatcher Trust was set up to remember Huw in a positive way; raising over £100,000, for The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT). Huw passed away at the age of 15 years in 2011 as a result of a brain hemorrhage.

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