The Huw Thatcher Trust was set up to remember Huw in a positive way, the Huw Thatcher Trust in an appeal which is raising funds for The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT). Huw passed away at the age of 15 years on March 13th 2011. He was playing in a football match for Hepworth United near his home town of Holmfirth in West Yorkshire.

Huw had a brain haemorrhage as a result of a pre existing condition that no one knew about, or could ever have known about. People who suffer brain haemorrhages and survive, often experience brain injury and subsequent disabilities.

portrait of Huw Thatcher

Nick Thatcher, Huw's dad (along with other family members and Huw's friends) set up the charity soon after Huw passed away in 2011, Nick says: "We set up the Huw Thatcher Trust to remember Huw in a positive way, and help brain injured people. The Trust is just like Huw; energetic, productive, purposeful, fun, kind, inspirational and creative.

"The Trust has given Huw's friends and family a positive focus and a lot of comfort over the last few years - to know that they can do something to show their love for Huw. If things had been different, Huw may have needed the support of an organisation like BIRT - this is why Huw's Trust raises funds for BIRT.

"It seems very appropriate for the Huw Thatcher Trust to help people who have had brain injuries for all sorts of reasons, including medical circumstances similar to Huw. We are delighted to support BIRT."

Donations to BIRT

Since 2011 The Huw Thatcher Trust has raised over £100,000 for BIRT and will continue to support BIRT services and appeals linked with BIRT such as Eyes Alight. These funds have purchased IT, physio and therapy equipment and redesigned gardens.

The first services to benefit from support from the Trust were Daniel Yorath House and Osman House in Leeds. Huw lived all of his life in Yorkshire and loved the community spirit, humour, and general quality of life in the area where he lived. It therefore means a lot to Huw's family and friends that BIRT facilities in Yorkshire benefit so much from the Huw Thatcher Trust

Chalkdown House, BIRT’s newest independent hospital in Swindon, now benefits from The Huw Thatcher IT Suite and Goole Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre now enjoys laptops and physiotherapy equipment after receiving funding from The Huw Thatcher Trust. BIRT's first service in Wales at Llanelli which was opened in March 2014 has also received funds to to buy technological equipment designed to enhance service users rehabilitation. Visit the BIRT Centre for Wales page for more details.

By the end of 2015 the Trust had raised over £107,000, Chief Executive of The Disabilities Trust, Irene Sobowale said, "The funds raised by the Huw’s Thatcher Trust are enabling us to go the extra mile, by funding things we couldn’t normally provide. Your help enables us to provide facilities which are making a real difference to people’s lives.

I am delighted how much the Huw Thatcher Trust has raised for us, which includes over £102,000 for BIRT. This is a wonderful achievement, for which we are very grateful and I would like to thank Huw’s friends and family for their commitment to supporting BIRT. Huw was clearly a young man who was much loved and we are privileged that his memory lives on at so many of our centres”.

The Huw Thatcher Trust 2015 Annual Report is now available.

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Updates to Osman House 2018

Grateful Thanks

Irene Sobowale, CEO of The Disabilities Trust expressed her gratitude to The Huw Thatcher Trust: "I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Huw's family and friends for their continuing support - in particular the young people of Huw's age who have been so generous with their time and efforts. This support has allowed us to provide enhanced environments for those we support; ranging from redesigned gardens to state of the art equipment to aid brain injury rehabilitation."

Izzy Judd, founder of Eyes Alight : "Thanks to the donations from Huw Thatcher Trust, Eyes Alight has been able to fulfil so many special wishes to people going through long term brain injury rehabilitation. Their ongoing support has meant so much and we can't thank them enough for helping us to make 'Eyes Alight'

friends posing to remember Huw for fundraising event

Hilary McDaid, Divisional Manager of BIRT North:"Service Users at both Osman House and Daniel Yorath House in Yorkshire have really benefitted from the generous donations from the Huw Thatcher Trust. The IT equipment at Daniel Yorath House has enabled Service Users to use technology as an important part of their rehabilitation, whilst the garden project at Osman House provides a wonderful environment for Service Users and their families."

Nick Thatcher, Huw's dad: "Huw was a fun loving, kind, smart, successful and popular young guy who was entering an exciting period of his life. Huw is remembered with the highest amount of love and affection by his family and friends. It is with great sorrow that we reflect on the potential he had, but which he was not given the chance to achieve. It is this sense of loss that has been the driving force behind the Huw Thatcher Trust and all that it has achieved. The support from Huw's family and his amazing friends means so much and will always be appreciated and treasured."

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