Graham Anderson House is hosting an art exhibition to display the exceptional artwork created by some of the individuals supported at the centre.

Service users worked to create a variety of art based around the theme of Scotland, their home country. Many of them spent time in locations around Scotland to take snapshots and gain inspiration from landscapes and landmarks to use in their work. The art took a variety of forms, from photography to painting, and showed many amazing aspects of the country.

At the opening of the exhibition the artists presented their work and explained to the attendees the stories behind their creations. John enjoyed talking to service users and family members about his paintings. He said "I love art anyway, but it's good to be able to paint for a reason."

The art will be displayed permantely throughout Graham Anderson House following the exhibition. This ensures that the stunning work can be enjoyed by visitors, new service users, staff and family members for years to come. It also means that instead of generic decoration, the walls at the service now boast meaningful artwork.

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