Staff and service users in the dining area at Graham Anderson House

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) service, Graham Anderson House, in Glasgow, was judged to be ‘Exceptional’ in one of the three, graded, key quality indicators - ‘People’s experience of care and the involvement of carers and families.’ The two inspectors from Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) spoke to a number of staff, service users and their family members, and their opinion was that the service had good feedback systems which were assessed and developed on a regular basis which led to service improvements.

The other graded indicators; ‘Safe delivery of care’ and ‘Leadership of improvement and change’ were both judged to be ‘Good’ with just one recommendation in the former category.

The service was also inspected in two additional quality indicators. For ‘Assessment and management of people experiencing care’, the inspectors recorded that service users were treated with warmth, dignity and compassion. They commented on staff support under ‘Staff recruitment, training and development’ and were told by the staff that they were encouraged to further their careers and it was noted that the recruitment processes followed best practice.

Sandra Wylie, Service Manager, paid tribute to her staff “I am so pleased that the people we support, and their families are satisfied with our service. The staff team care deeply that everybody is happy, safe and can achieve their potential, and the outcomes demonstrate this.”