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Located near Horsham in West Sussex, Kerwin Court is a specialist neurobehavioural rehabilitation centre for people with acquired brain injury (ABI). Opened in 2007, it offers a modern, comfortable and superbly equipped environment for rehabilitation. It forms part of the nationwide network of rehabilitation support services provided by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT).

Specialist rehabilitation is based on a neurobehavioural approach and focuses on enabling service users to function more independently, develop their lives as they choose and participate in as many of their previous roles and activities as possible.

All service users have an individually tailored rehabilitation programme and are involved in setting their personal goals. Their programme may include educational and therapeutic sessions and support, personal, social and domestic skills, guided leisure time, behavioural management, community access and vocational support/training. Service users are actively involved in reviewing their progress against agreed outcomes.

About Kerwin Court

Who we support and how

Kerwin Court specialises in the assessment and rehabilitation of people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) and complex needs who may experience some /any of the following symptoms

  • Cognitive problems including thinking, memory, problem solving, learning, awareness and perception
  • Physical impairments that affect mobility, posture or dexterity
  • Physical and verbal aggression
  • Communication difficulties
  • Challenging behaviour

We use a neurobehavioural approach to deliver in-depth assessment, rehabilitation and discharge planning from admission.


In 2018, Kerwin Court admitted 37 individuals following an acquired brain injury (ABI), and 30 people were discharged.

On discharge:

  • 70% of service users required reduced levels of supervision
  • 77% required only part-time, overnight or no supervision
  • 78% were discharged home or to a supported living setting
  • 95% improved in at least one area of intervention

Find out more about how our service users changed from admission to discharge in our Outcome report 2018.


At Kerwin Court all service users have their own comfortable bedrooms, complemented by spacious communal areas for dining and leisure. There are two kitchens and laundry rooms for service users to practice activities of daily living, as well as several therapy rooms. There is a dedicated garden project area and various leisure activities available.

The main centre has 16 en-suite bedrooms and two self-contained flats. There are also five separate bungalows in the grounds where service users can further develop their independent living skills before moving on to a more independent environment.

Access to the wider community forms an important part of rehabilitation. Its proximity to the town of Horsham, with its many shops and leisure facilities, makes Kerwin Court well situated for social interaction, and offers opportunities for education and work placements.

Moving on

During rehabilitation, progress is discussed at regular review meetings, with a view to discharge home or to a more independent environment, for example, one of BIRT’s nearby transitional living facilities or community houses.

In 2017, of the 32 people discharged from Kerwin Court, 71% needed only part time or no supervision and 77% moved on to supported or independent living.

We have community houses in the local area which people may move into after rehabilitation at Kerwin Court.

Quote from service user:

"To all you lovely people at Kerwin court I want to say thank you so much for looking after me so well when I was staying here in March 2019. I’m making very good progress and should be getting my driving licence back by the end of February…Fingers crossed! I’ve been enjoying my time off by going out visiting places with my lovely lady Jackie. Thank you all once again!"

Service User Experience

I just wanted to write a card to say a huge thank you for all you’ve done for Tim since he’s been with you. My family and I have no words to express how much your absolute care and compassion have meant to us. What you have patiently achieved with your kindness, care, passion towards Tim’s recovery has been amazing and beautiful for us to witness. He has been so happy with you and you have allowed him to be his funny, shouty, brilliant self. You all have a place in our heats forever.

Now that my time is coming to an end here at Kerwin Court, I am able to reflect on my time here over the past 5 weeks. My experience has only been positive, and I leave feeling incredibly grateful and appreciative, for all that members of staff have done to help me be at the stage of now heading home. Being given the opportunity to set and revisit my personal goals so openly led to me feeling that I was in control of my ability to work towards going home as quickly as I have. This has meant the world to me.

Visiting Hours

We welcome visitors to the unit but request that visiting does not interrupt the Rehabilitation programme and meal times. Visiting at weekends is welcome between 9am and 9pm and weekdays between 6 and 9pm. If visiting is outside these hours we ask if this can be pre-arranged through liaison with a nominated point of contact.

Contact Details

Phone: 01403 799160

Email: kc@birt.co.uk

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Kerwin Court, Five Oaks Rd , Horsham, RH13 0TP
01403 799160
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