Four service users from Osman House went to visit ‘Equine Pathways’, which delivers equine therapy sessions for people with disabilities and mental health conditions.
The horses at Equine Pathways have all come from homes where they were neglected, and have then been rescued by the owner, Carole, and the rest of her team. Each horse has gone through intensive rehabilitation to allow it to be handled by so many people with different needs. This was explained to our service users when they were first introduced to the horses, and proved popular as they are undergoing rehabilitation of their own.

For two service users, this is the first time they had been around horses. Fearlessly, they dived in anyway, with their guests teaching them the correct way to groom, lead and exercise the ponies. By the end of the session everyone’s confidence was soaring and they were becoming more interactive with the horses, as well as one another.

On the way home, a service user described the experience as delivering a sense of ‘calm’, which they said they have not felt in a long time.

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