Jane Percy House recently hosted a visit from Cabinet Office representatives who were keen to see how Community Payback had benefitted the service. Community Payback is a significant volume of unpaid work which benefits local communities, as offenders pay back for the crimes they have committed.

Those who attended were

  • Ed Smith, Crown Representative, Cabinet Office.
  • Debbie Relfe, PA to Jean Renton and Deborah Rowland
  • Nathan Hinchliffe, Senior Commercial Analyst, Cabinet Office
  • Deborah Rowland, Director of Public Sector Affairs, Sodexo Global Services
  • Jo Merlini, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnering Programme Markets and suppliers, Cabinet Office
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A representative said “Community Payback must benefit the local community and be worthwhile and constructive. It is a punishment that requires individuals to payback the community for the crimes they have committed.

"As Jane Percy House supports residents have complex and high dependency needs, it provides community payback staff and individuals with a strong sense of doing the right thing, that provides direct benefit to the residents. During the short period of time community payback has carried out work at Jane Percy House, approximately 420 hours of work have been delivered (based on an average of seven individuals per group over 10 days. The results can clearly be seen when walking around the site and were observed by the Sodexo UK and Ireland and Cabinet Office representatives. In addition, they could see some residents taking pleasure in the gardens whilst they were there.”

Jan Hannant, Director Northumbria CRC, reported the praise that the visitors had for the centre “The visitors were really impressed with the passion, commitment and general sense of wanting to provide an excellent service.”

Lindsey Tate, Manager of Jane Percy House was delighted to welcome the visitors:

We were very pleased to be able to help when we were asked to accommodate people carrying out community service. They have done a wonderful job on the garden and we are very grateful. The courtyard is a nice sun trap when we do get to see it!. The people we support enjoy this part of the garden and it's so much nicer to sit in. Now we can focus on fundraising for our sensory garden which will provide our residents, who have a wide range of disabilities, with a therapeutic place to explore their senses which will appeal to them.”

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Jane Percy House is a purpose built centre in Cramlington, Northumberland, that provides accommodation and support for people with complex and high dependency needs, giving independence and lifestyle choices for adults with physical disabilities. We are committed to ensuring that people have control over their lives and are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

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