Congratulations to Lindsey, our Service Manager at Jane Percy House as she celebrates 25 years of service. Lindsey tells us more.

I started working for the Trust on 12th June 1995. I had been working with the elderly and wanted a new challenge working with a different client group whilst I waited to apply for my nurse training.

My first role at The Disabilities Trust was as a Team Leader and absolutely loved it, the people we support were amazing. I’m not going to lie and say that all the days of working for the Trust have been great. There have been very difficult shifts with residents being ill, end of life and their passing; this is always the part of the job that impacts me the most. But the good shifts have always outweighed the bad, I have worked with some amazing people in my 25 years, I have learnt from them and grown as a person.

My role at the Trust

In 2007 my mother passed away and I threw myself into anything that would divert my attention from my grief. I hurt my back and I found the moving and handling of the role made this worse so when the Assistant Manager role came up, I applied and luckily was successful. The role was more office based and meant I would still be able to work at Jane Percy House.

I am grateful for what I learnt from previous managers I have worked with, I took in the dos and don’ts of management and how to manage staff kindly. Working for the Trust has given me amazing opportunities and I have received great training and travelled (my least favourite part of the role) up and down the country. I have met The Duchess of Northumberland, our Patron and met Prince Charles. I have been fortunate enough to accompany residents on activities outside the service and supported some people on holidays abroad and in the UK"

Lindsey is on the left in the photo

How the Trust has evolved

I feel the Trust has evolved over the years, not just in size but the Senior Leadership Team are approachable and accessible and the values just add to the positives. I was part of the workshop that developed the values. The Trust really does value staff and they have the opportunity (if they choose) to take it to be part of the development of the Trust, constantly improving with input from all levels. Staff are able to put their names forward to be part of the different workshops where their input is valued.

I have been fortunate to work with an incredible team which makes it so much easier to come to work every day and is why Jane Percy Househas achieved the CQC Outstanding Rating. I feel that I have been very fortunate to work for a supportive organisation during what may have been the worst year and we have had amazing support.”