Last year saw the launch of our very successful #GetCraftyTwitter competition, which was part of #SeeMeNotDisability which ran from 22nd November to 22nd December 2017.

Following on from that we are celebrating the people who took part with the photos they kindly submitted and an update on how are they are, including some new photos of their artwork. All photos are of people we support here at The Disabilities Trust, along with artwork they have created.

The Shinewater Collective

The Shinewater Collective is a group of service users from our Shinewater Court centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex who meet on Monday mornings with artists from Compass Community Arts. Since September 2016 the artists have been focused on developing their methods, styles and techniques in painting and have several examples hanging across the centre.

The service users love being in the Collective because there is a lot of freedom and it is more personal than other art classes. There is a wide choice of materials available in the art room that they can experiment with; so they might see and think about things during the week and can make a picture about it on Mondays.

It is fun and challenging, with lots of exploration and different techniques are used.There's a real chance for self-expression which can reap rewards as many of the service users say that they feel more relaxed after the Collective sessions. They get a chance to do things they wouldn't normally be able to do; as well as being listened to.

John's art can be seen below, and of it he says: "I like using spray paint. It is a clever idea that I would like to see elsewhere at Shinewater Court."

Andy, below, is very proud of his paintings: “When I painted the colour out of the white, the shapes came out of the picture themselves. This was highlighted by the sand when that was added. I felt that I’m on the road of something. My intention is to bring a bolder 3D effect into my work. I’m looking at spraying the canvas black, by painting a shadow, scene and using the sand."

Stephen, below, collaborated with an artist from Compass to create Maritime paintings. “It’s a pleasure. My favourite painter is Monet”

Val (below) enjoys painting a great deal and always looks forward to the Monday meetings. Her favourite painting is the one that she's currently working on.

Hannah likes painting as she has: "a really good artistic flair influenced by electronic music. I like doing paintings of animals as well because I used to have a cat and a dog and I think that animals are really interesting to paint."

Glynn’s "most proud of the work I did on a picture for a friend’s wedding”. He enjoys learning new skills and using different media. He likes to make works of art that have a function.

Liz shows a tremendous skill as a colourist and creates bold, contemporary abstract paintings: “I enjoy doing this. When I have the paper in front of me the colours just speak to me and I am delighted by how the painting comes out.”

Nina enjoys the feel of moving the paint with her hands and our artists always find ways of collaborating with her.

The Collective will be exhibiting in Shinewater Court in June 2018, so watch this space for more information!

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