Find out how we support people to live independent lives.

Toni's story

Since Toni moved to Jane Percy House her confidence has grown immensely. When Toni first came to live at Jane Percy House she was too afraid to go out alone, now she does volunteer work at an after school club which has always been her dream. Read Toni's story.

Jason's story

Jason lived a very active and healthy life, however, at the age of 31 Jason became very concerned after an MRI scan clearly revealed lesions on the right side of his brain and also showing that he had developed multiple sclerosis.
Read Jason's story.

Anthony's story

Anthony moved to Victoria House in 2003. He had previously been living in a residential home for the elderly, which was not suitable for his age or needs. He enjoys his own company and has a computer in his room which he often uses. Read Anthony's story

Hannah's story

Hannah is a busy, bright young lady who loves her life and everything that she can pack into it. Hannah has just become a team member for the Prince’s Trust in Eastbourne and is working with the trust towards her qualification. She also has cerebral palsy. Read Hannah's story

Linda's story

Linda moved to Shinewater Court in 1992, and transferred into one of the flats attached to the main unit about five years ago. During this time Linda has improved her independence skills by using the adapted kitchen and specialist equipment. Read Linda's story.