The Disabilities Trust takes an individualised approach to all of our service users with severe physical disabilities throughout the UK. This covers all aspects of their lives, including communications. There are many service users who we have identified who would benefit from the introduction of assistive technology through various means, and different devices will be suitable for different people.

service user using an I-pad in Gregory Court

The ability to use assistive technology for communications has been life-changing for some of our service users. A variety of devices have already give individuals a voice and a way to live a more fulfilled, integrated and independent life, with choice.

We have therefore launched the ConnectAbilityappeal to raise money for new communication technology devices and support.

Our aim is to provide a full range of assistive technology devices, including eye trackers for each of our five residential Disability Lifestyles services across England. All of these services are Wi-Fi enabled.

This is a big task, so we are launching our appeal and you can help us on the road to making a difference.

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