The Disabilities Trust were delighted to be invited to attend the Technology in Social Care: Innovation in Adversity conference, hosted by Insane Logic and Wayra on the 20th of April.

With the support of Wayra, Telefónica's start – up accelerator, Insane Logic launched MyChoicePad, a language and communication development platform for mobile tablets. The App aids language development and uses symbols and signs to help those with communication difficulties. Insane Logic organised the conference to showcase this App and other new technology start-ups that could help improve the Adult Social Care sector.

Director of Disability Lifestyles, Jerry Ratcliff, Fundraising Officer, Emma Millar and Marketing Officer, Sarah Kennedy attended the event to find out how technology could support service users as part of the ConnectAbility Appeal.

The event targeted sector leaders, innovators and the voting public to discuss the big issues facing the Health and Social Care sector. It was a great networking opportunity with a range of delegates and small start-up technology ventures showcasing. These included Euan’s Guide, a disabled access review App and PlusGuidance, an online counselling platform that gives people immediate access to counselling.

The conference hosted an impressive line up of keynote speakers, Shirley Ayres, co-founder of the Connected Care network, Bill Mumford, CEO of MacIntyre, Christine Asbury, Chief Executive of WCS Care and Toni Fyfe, Deputy Director of Operations at Real Life Options.

The speakers discussed and debated the role that technology can play in solving the big financial and legislative challenges facing the Adult Social Care sector and practical ways that innovation can support organisations to provide a high quality of care. Shirley Ayres emphasised the importance of wise investments in technological advancements throughout the care sector whilst Christine Asbury called for recognition of using technology to support good care rather than replace it.

After the discussion, there was an opportunity to meet with delegates and the start-ups were given the chance to showcase the solutions they were able to offer the Health and Care sector.

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