This information is designed to provide essential information about Gregory Court to healthcare, social services and other commissioning professionals.

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Pre-admission information

Our detailed assessment is designed by experts to determine the level of support needed by each individual. At Gregory Court we use a combination of methods to accurately assess each individual's needs including collating professional reports, meeting with the client and their family and talking to previous service providers.

Our assessment model comprises in house assessment using assisted technology and facilitation geared to each individual's ability rather than their disability. Assistive technology assessment aims to establish which equipment and environmental controls will allow an individual to be as independent as possible. By finding out what equipment helps and what does not and adjusting the living environment to suit the individual, accommodation can be modified knowing it will be right first time.

Therapeutic team and environment

At Gregory Court our trained and committed staff team ensure that people are at the centre of all we do. Our range of expertise includes physiotherapy, speech and language and occupational therapy.

All staff work hard to ensure that all service users get lots of choice and support in what they choose to do.
Tracy, Support Worker

Team members are selected for their qualifications and experience and they are committed to respecting service users as individuals and supporting them to achieve their individual potential and long-term goals. The team also plays a key role in person-centred planning, being involved in progress meetings and transition planning, reviewing service users' goals to ensure they are achieving their aspirations.