Jason lived a very active and healthy life. He used to run, go to the gym, cycle regularly, worked over 60 hours per week and still made time to socialise with his friends at the weekend. However, at the age of 31 Jason became very concerned after his muscles seemed to get weaker and eventually his foot gave way due to the weakening. Jason was referred to hospital where an MRI scan clearly revealed lesions on the right side of his brain and also showing that he had developed multiple sclerosis (MS). The symptoms for Jason's MS quickly worsened; weakening muscles, blurred vision, a weak left hand and lack of bladder control. He was then diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. Jason said: "This affected my life 100%, I was such an active person, I had a wife and a daughter and I was enjoying life."

Jason felt that little care or support was provided after his diagnosis. He saw a consultant every eight months which involved a general check up, an MRI scan, and visited a MS nurse twice, but felt as though there was little consistent input and support. He explained further: "I was terrified. I had never met anyone with MS before and didn't understand what was happening, also I didn't know how my condition could progress or deteriorate, this terrified me the most. I also lost my own family because of the illness. Throughout this period my father has consistently provided me with the most useful and comforting support."

Male service user in the garden area of Jane Percy House

In March 2013 Jason moved to Jane Percy House . "I like everything about it, great staff, lovely gardens, and it's all very clean. I now have people to talk to and the staff support me with outings, I am hoping that one day I will get to see Stereophonics. Being here has really improved my confidence, I am very happy, I feel more relaxed in my own room. I feel more of a person now, before I was a number."

Located in Cramlington, Northumberland, Jane Percy House is a purpose built centre that provides accommodation and support for people with complex and high dependency needs, giving independence and lifestyle choices for adults with physical disabilities. It forms part of the nationwide network of support services provided by The Disabilities Trust.

I am very happy, I feel more relaxed in my own room. I feel more of a person now, before I was a number.

Jason is now very settled in at Jane Percy House and he is looking to going back to university at the right time and if he can find the right course. He already has two degrees; one in Cisco engineering building and dismantling computers and another for web design. He is now responsible for the newsletter at Jane Percy House and enjoys gathering all the news from staff and other service users to put into the newsletter, as well as designing any posters for events in the service.

Vicky Pace, the Service Manager at Jane Percy House said "It has been wonderful seeing Jason regaining confidence and getting some independence back into his life. We are so happy to be able to support him however we can to help fulfil his aspirations."

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