Service users and staff at Jane Percy House (JPH) are delighted to have had a new CardioWall installed, following a generous grant from the Tyne and Wear Community Foundation. A thank you afternoon was held at JPH for the Community Foundation, who were given a tour of the service and Su Legg (pictured on the right) joined service user Toni for a session on the CardioWall.

The CardioWall is designed for people of all abilities, to challenge those participating both physically and mentally through a range of interactive games and programmes. Weights or pads can be worn to increase the cardio aspects of the sensory experience. Toni has enjoyed getting to grips with the new equipment and loves using it. She said:

Since the CardioWall was installed it has motivated me to increase my cardio exercise and I am slowly losing weight, which will improve my mobility. It is a fun and enjoyable activity.

Sue Legg agreed and said: "I am so pleased that the Community Foundation has been able to support the purchase of the Cardio Wall with a grant from the Newcastle Brown Ale Fund. It is a brilliant piece of equipment which is allowing the residents to have fun and feel fitter."Service Manager Lindsey told us how much fun the service users are having with the CardioWall, and having had a go herself she can vouch for how much it gets the heart pumping.

Jane Percy House supports people with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and arthritis, multiple sclerosis and disabilities resulting from accidents or a stroke. As well as providing physical care, it is committed to ensuring that people have control over their lives and are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

We offer independent living skills training programmes, either at local colleges or within the centre. For those who are actively seeking to move from a residential to a community based setting, support is offered according to individual requirements.

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