The information on this page is designed for service users, their families, carers and friends. It will give you an insight into what we do, together with an overview of our assessment process.

Life at Shinewater Court

We actively promote the involvement of families, and seek to involve service users in every decision that affects their lives, as well as offering support, education and continuing help to their families, carers and friends.

We provide an environment that encourages personal development, confidence and independence, and service users are encouraged to become involved in a wide range of social, vocational and recreational activities.

At Shinewater Court we offer a person-centred approach to support and service users are encouraged to take part in a wide range of educational and recreational activities including cooking, arts and crafts, exercise, personal safety, financial management and IT. Service users are also able to take part in a number of therapeutic activities, both on and off site.

I would not like to live anywhere else,
I feel supported and very safe.

Staff members are selected for their qualifications and experience, their commitment to respecting service users as individuals and their ability to support people to achieve their individual potential and long-term goals.

We support service users to develop their lives as they choose, and each person is fully involved in all decisions affecting their lives. We make sure that any complaints are listened to and responded to within given timescales and regularly review and monitor our service to ensure effectiveness and quality.

Activities and environment

At Shinewater Court each service user has an individual programme which outlines how independent living skills can be developed or maintained.

The programme covers a wide range of activities including cooking, shopping, personal safety, financial management and IT and forms an integral part of the service users support plan. There is choice to participate in prearranged activities or pursue personal interests, with support from staff.

Shinewater Court has an assistive technology assessment flat which has a range of specialist equipment including electronically operated, variable height kitchen surfaces and environmental control -door entry and controls for tv and stereo. There is a profiling bed with overhead hoists and slings, and a wet room with height adjustable sink and body drier. All these facilities are aimed at identifying equipment to promote independence and clarify support package requirements.

Through the regular service user meetings everybody is actively encouraged to take part in all aspects of support, discussing individuals' needs and requests. If a service user wishes to go to college or look at the possibility of going to work, for example, staff will offer support with sourcing the information or enlist the help of others who may be able to assist.

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