Shinewater Court, a residential centre for adults with a physical disability in Eastbourne have good reason to be grateful to Tesco. Not only were they the recipients of a recent £12,000 donation towards a garden re-design from the 'Bags of Help' initiative, but their local Community Champions helped with the Christmas decorations and wrapping presents. Irene Smithers, Coo Buckley and Nikki Carter all gave up their time to help with the festivities.

Sara York, Activities Coordinator, expressed her gratitude.


"It's a wonderful but huge job to wrap all the presents. It would have taken us a week at least without Irene, Coo and Nikki's help. They also chat to all the service users and are a joy to have around"

Shinewater Court has also benefited from Tesco's determination to tackle food waste in tens of thousands of its stores by distributing unsold food to people in need through the charity FoodShare. Over 55,000 tonnes of food was thrown away at Tesco stores and distribution centres in the last year, of which 30,000 could have been eaten. Most of that comes from the bakery, while fresh fruit and vegetables are also frequently thrown away.

The team at Shinewater Court have, in turn, been able to share information about the food cloud with a local secondary school, St Catherines College and the school are now joining the scheme to help with the breakfast club. Service Users are also keen to volunteer to work with FoodShare so that other charities can benefit and food waste is reduced.