We are delighted and proud to that service users Scott and Simon from Victoria House have been accepted to be volunteers for Hull UK City of Culture 2017, which includes 365 days of culture related activities. The City of Culture award is given every four years to a city that shows how important they believe culture is to development - Hull also won in 2013.

The pair attended interviews during June and were thrilled to hear that they had got through. They recently attended their first training session and spent two mornings preparing for their upcoming role as volunteers, supported by staff members Vicky and Helen. The first day consisted of entering a room that was staged as a public house with an actress and actor (Chloe and Steven), where they participated in a quiz covering 10 categories related to Hull and its culture – and they won! Their prize was a tub of American chip spice that is made in Hull, and the guys were very happy with that.

Simon and Scott then went into a gallery being hosted by another actress and two artists to look at pictures from previous Hull events and discuss their views. Day two was orienteering day.

The guys had to participate in quizzes and group discussions, before being given a run down of what will be expected of them during their time as volunteers.We will be keeping up-to-date with Scott and Simon’s progress so watch this space for more news about their experiences as part of the Hull UK City of Culture team.

Victoria House supports people with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and arthritis, multiple sclerosis and disabilities resulting from accidents or a stroke. As well as providing physical care, it is committed to ensuring that people have control over their lives and are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

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