At The Disabilities Trust we believe that personalisation means thinking about care and support services in an entirely different way. This means seeing the person as an individual with strengths, preferences and aspirations and putting them at the centre of the process of identifying their needs and making choices about how and when they are supported to live their lives.

Personalisation is about giving people much more choice and control over their lives and goes well beyond simply giving personal budgets to people eligible for council funding. It means addressing the needs and aspirations of whole communities to ensure everyone has access to the right information, advice and advocacy to make good decisions about the support they need.

It means ensuring that they have wider choice in how their needs are met; are able to access universal services such as transport, leisure and education, housing, health and opportunities for employment, regardless of age or disability. It also means:

  • Tailoring support to people's individual needs
  • Ensuring that people have access to information and advocacy
  • Advice to make informed decisions about their care and support
  • Ensuring all service users have access to universal community services and resources - a total system response
  • Developing the right leadership and organisational systems to enable staff to work in creative, person-centred ways
  • Recognising and supporting carers in their role, while enabling them to maintain a life beyond their caring responsibilities
  • Embedding early intervention, reablement and prevention so that people are supported early on and in a way that's right for them
  • Developing local partnerships to co-produce a range of services for people to choose from and opportunities for social inclusion and community development
  • Finding new collaborative ways of working (sometimes known as co-production) that support people to actively engage in the design, delivery and evaluation of services

Meeting needs and aspirations

We offer independent living skills training programmes, either at local colleges or within our centres. For those who are actively seeking to move from a residential to a community based setting, support is offered according to individual requirements.

Each of our physical disability services provides a range of amenities, activities and training opportunities to develop new and existing skills.

Our services seek to provide an environment that encourages personal development, confidence and independence, and service users are encouraged to take part in a wide range of social, vocational and recreational activities including cooking, music, arts and crafts, exercise, personal safety, financial management and IT.

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