Thanks to local support, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) service, Redford Court in Toxteth, has been able to buy new parallel bars. These will give the physiotherapy team the opportunity to work with the people they support to improve their mobility in a very safe environment.

In the short period that they have been using them, service users have already said that they feel much more motivated about their exercises. They can also track their progress and stretch their capabilities to reach their individual goals.

Paul said; “I am so happy to use these bars instead of the walking hoist, it gives me more freedom and I am improving.”

Andrew agreed; “It’s great to have new equipment to change physio up a bit instead of the regular stuff I have been doing.”

Michael Boardman, Service user and family liaison officer, voiced their thanks; “We are very grateful to everybody who donated money so that we could buy this equipment. It will mean that the people we support can reach their full potential and have a very positive effect on their rehabilitation. It’s always great to have new equipment and the variety means that service users can improve in many different ways.”

~ Thank you, the Physio Team

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