The Disabilities Trust believes in the positive impact of engagement in research. It helps us understand best practices, and to develop innovative solutions that may help improve care and treatment of the people we support and beyond.

We are interested and have carried out our own research in a number of key areas but are also open to new ideas…

Assistive technology and technology for cognition: focused on examining the benefits and disadvantages of using technology in rehabilitation and support.

Past and current projects include virtual learning environments in brain injury rehabilitation and smart home technology for brain injury rehabilitation.

Clinical assessment and intervention: aimed at developing and evaluating measures or interventions that are sensitive to the effects of brain injury, brain disorder and neurodiversity.

The Brain Injury Needs Indicator (BINI), the BIRT Memory and Information Processing Battery (BMIPB) and the BIRT independent Living Scales (Accommodation and Occupation) are some examples of clinical tools we have developed.

Outcomes and cost-benefits: focused on understanding what affects the clinical outcomes of brain injury and other long-term neurological conditions, how outcomes are best measured, and how they relate to wider economic and societal benefits.

Previous research includes our evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of brain injury rehabilitation and our collaborative work with the Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance on optimal outcome measures for neurobehavioural rehabilitation.

We also publish the outcomes in our brain injury rehabilitation services annually. Read our Brain Injury Outcomes Report 2019-2020 here.

Brain injury and society: focused on investigating and raising awareness of the impact of brain injury, brain disorder and neurodiversity in society, including criminal justice, domestic abuse, and homelessness, and developing ways of supporting individuals and services in the community.

Most of the work in this area is led by The Foundation. Read more about the work of The Foundation here.

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